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Fellow Healers


manaMana is a meditation teacher and the director of Open Mind Centre in Pai.

Mana has extensive training and experience in a wide range of meditation methods and approaches, including Mindfulness, Tibetan visualisation and insight-inquiry methods, Vipassana-style meditations, integration and healing practices etc. Drawing on a number of traditional and contemporary approaches, Mana uses creative methods including drawing, music, imagination and movement. He encourages us to open into a widening range of our life spaces and life potentials with awareness and a spirit of exploration.

Meditation can be a wonderful tool for opening the mind and the heart. Learning to be more present, we can feel more wellbeing and more connected with our lives. Also, we can come to a very direct appreciation of just how rich with possibility is each and every moment of our lives – not in theory, but in the energy, intuition, insight and creativity we bring to our day-today choices and actions.

Open Mind Centre offers a large variety of activities, including meditation, devotional chanting, mandala drawing workshops, free dancing, bodywork and a number of other healing practices. For further information, please visit his website:



JP_hypnotistA gifted healer and psychic reader, Jean-Paul has been helping people positively change for the last ten years in Europe, India and Thailand. In addition to individual Releasing with Hypnosis sessions, he facilitates Releasing and Family Constellations workshops in Chiang Mai.

Jean-Paul has studied both modern and alternative healing modes that has allowed him to develop his own unique and powerful style. His work perfectly complements a detox, for just as the detox clears the physical baggage (toxins) in the body, his releasing process clears the emotional/mental baggage.

One of Jean-Paul’s true gifts is that he is able to bring into his work his intuition and sensitivity. People quickly feel confident and at ease with him as he is able to feel and see things that may have been hidden from their own awareness. In an uncanny way it’s almost like he is reading them from a book and with his gentle approach, he enables and supports people to clear and heal from their own dysfunctions.

Jean-Paul resides in Chiang Mai. For further information, please visit his website:




meloukaMelouka is an intuitive coach and spiritual teacher who practices Theta Healing.

Theta Healing is a powerful method to influence problem zones on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Under meditation, hypnosis or while dreaming the brain produces frequencies between 4-7 cycles per second, which is very low. These are called theta frequencies. During a session the practitioner and client are in theta state, during which the subconscious is wide open and suggestive to change. Connected to the primary creative force of the universe, a total healing of the client can be achieved.

Theta Healing can have a positive effect on all levels of your life. This energetic healing process affects the physical, spiritual and mental levels. It is not uncommon that physical symptoms are connected with the psychological equivalent. Because of this, Theta Healing can be used to treat both acute and chronic conditions. At the same time it is effective with any emotional or psychological problem, psychosomatic disorder, trauma, shock, addiction and all emotional blockages that prevent us from living the life we dream of. Often we do not understand where awkward feelings come from or why we keep experiencing the same unwanted patterns and situations over and over again. Theta Healing will reveal those connections and break up the patterns to allow healing.

It is not necessary to be in difficult circumstances to benefit from Theta Healing. Even in a state of joy and happiness, Theta Healing can bring further magic into your life as you experience more inner freedom and open your heart to the abundance of life, thus creating love, success and self-fulfillment.

You can contact Melouka at