Juice Fasting at Shangrila

Detox Pai is a complete cleansing and holistic health program based on juice fasting offered at the Shangrila. We are located in the idyllic Pai Valley, just outside of the village in the mountains northwest of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. Our program is designed to bring you back to true health, by ridding the body of harmful toxins and stagnant energy and bringing the mind to clarity and peace. The focus is on juice fasting and appropriate eating habits; knowing and loving oneself; relaxing and becoming still for a time; identifying and letting go of self-destructive thoughts and habits; and returning to a state of physical vitality, good health and mental harmony. This majestic natural setting, as well as the supportive and loving environment at Shangrila, is an ideal place to do this.

We offer a natural physical cleansing program using the finest herbal supplements, cold-pressed organic juices, clean and pure water and regular colonic irrigation. We combine this deep, highly effective physical purification with meditation designed to identify energy blockages throughout the body, to open up those blockages and to remove stagnant energy.

Ridding one’s body of toxins is essential in order to maintain health and vitality and to prevent sickness and disease, but we understand that a really effective holistic detoxification must go deeper and address physical, energetic, emotional and cognitive toxicity, and deeply relax both the body and the mind so that they can truly rest and recover. Shangrila a beautiful, natural and supportive environment in which all thoughts and actions are turned toward knowing, loving and nurturing oneself.

An and Lorenzo - Detox Pai

At Detox Pai we are earnestly committed to bringing each and every guest back to their natural state of health, vitality and flow. We understand what it is like to know the body and the mind; to live without pain, sickness, depression or anxiety; and to love and honor oneself. We have witnessed again and again the amazing changes which occur when anybody allows themselves even a short time to stop, rest and relax, a time for love and healing. The effects of a holistic cleansing of the mind and the body are truly miraculous, and we provide you with the tools to continue a healthy and positive lifestyle even after you have left our center. By better understanding oneself, and by having a clearer understanding of one’s thoughts and emotions and greater self-love, this wonderful process can truly transform people’s lives.

An, the person in charge of our juice fasting program, has studied Thai herbal medicine, healthy cooking and healthy foods for over a decade. Her partner, Lorenzo has fasted for more than 30 years. He studied western medicine for one year in Geneva, but then he realized that western medicine is not always the best approach to illness and he began to work with herbal medicines instead. Shangrila is a quiet and beautiful place where people feel joy and peace and easily connect with nature and with themselves. Ongoing communication and monitoring ensures a safe, comfortable and effective experience.

*Please note – You will not get the full benefit of your detox if you have secret snacks. We also recommend that you stay at the resort for the duration of your fast. There are so many temptations when you visit the local markets. We want you to achieve the best results from your time with us.

Contact us to arrange a visit or if you have any questions or would like further details. You may call us at 081 951 01 01 (English) or 084 4859 736 (Thai). We look forward to hearing from you!


  • Our rooms are all teak wood cabins – free of metal energies which are found in rooms with supporting iron bars in the walls.
  • The bungalows are all very clean. They all have a bathroom and balcony.  Individual bathrooms for each detoxer.
  • Couples need to take  two rooms because of the colonic irrigation/cleansing every afternoon.
  • We also provide daily room service where we clean your bathroom after your daily colonic.
  • Free WiFi available.