You should start taking cabbage rejuvelac shortly before your first food when breaking a fast and continue using it twice a day for at least ten days in order to ensure that a new colony of friendly bacteria establishes itself firmly in your bowels.

Drinking cabbage rejuvelac is an excellent way to replenish the friendly flora of beneficial lactobacteria in the digestive tract. It may be used to restore healthy lactobacteria colonies in the bowels after therapeutic fasts, colonic irrigations, antibiotic therapy or long periods of poor dietary habits. It may also be used to stimulate sluggish digestion, improve lower bowel functions and as a remedy for chronic constipation. For best results, use continuously for 30-45 days and repeat at least once a year.

The first batch of rejuvelac should be prepared in the morning by placing 400 ml of pure water and 350 g of coarsely chopped fresh cabbage in a blender and then blending it for just 30 seconds. If you do not have a blender, simply chop the cabbage finely with a knife and mix with the water.

Pour the mixture of cabbage and water into a large jar, cover loosely and let it stand at room temperature for exactly three days. Then strain off the liquid and discard the cabbage dregs.

Immediately prepare your next batch by blending another 350 g of chopped cabbage with 350 ml of pure water, then add 60 ml of freshly-made rejuvelac as a starter. Pour this mixture into a clean jar, cover loosely and let it stand for just 24 hours to ferment. Repeat this process each morning to prepare the following day’s batch of rejuvelac, using 60 ml of each day’s batch as a fermentative starter for the next batch.

Store the remaining fermented rejuvelac in a refrigerator and take 100 ml three times per day with meals. If you do not finish the batch by the end of the day, discard what remains and use the fresh batch of rejuvelac the following day.