This is one of the greatest problems ever solved and is one that puzzles all “experts” who believe it is the food itself. As soon as you refill the stomach with food, the elimination process stops and you feel better! This is undoubtedly the reason why eating has become a habit and is no longer what Nature intended it to be, namely the satisfying of a nutritional need. The more waste that a person accumulates, the more he must eat to stop the elimination. Some people have to eat several times during the night to be able to sleep again. In other words, they have to put food into the stomach to avoid the digestion of mucus and poisons accumulated there!

If you are more than 40 years old, you have never done a fast before, and you have been exposed to serious air pollution and are overweight, then start with the non-breakfast plan for several days. Follow that with a three-day fast and then gradually increase up to a five-, seven- or ten-day fast, eating between fasts a mucusless diet, and at the same time supplying and rebuilding the body continually with the best raw food available.

During such an intermittent fast, the blood is gradually improved, regenerated, can more easily stand the poisons and waste, and is able at the same time to dissolve and eliminate disease deposits from the deepest tissues of the body, deposits that no doctor ever dreamed existed and that no other method of healing has discovered or can ever remove.

This is the Mucusless Diet Healing System, and fasting is an essential part of it.