One of the best experiences ever. Beautiful and peaceful place. Lovely people. Nature and nice environment. Like living in the middle of the jungle just 5m walk from Pai center.

Just seeing all the bungalows above the hill from the entrance make you feel you are gonna love the place, and you indeed do even more when you see how clean and comfortable they are. The common kitchen is a cute, big hut to share good moments with the other people from the Shangrila family. Also good price.

Lorenzo and An made my days at Shangrila feel as if i was at home, nice chats, nice energy, always there for whatever i needed.

I felt so motivated since the first day to do the detox program. Lorenzo gave me so much information from the beginning, so i was aware every moment of the step i was on with my fasting, knowing the symptoms, the reactions of my body. In the early morning, with the amazing fruit juice An made every day for us, we had a talk about the detox and any other question we had about fasting and eating in general. I was so satisfied seeing and feeling how my body was responding that i did the fasting for 10 days (one week planed first).

I totally recommend it. It is a beautiful and interesting experience for location, people and the special energy you can feel. The best environment to do a fasting and live a beautiful experience.

Diana, Spain

I’ve been feeling very good after the fast, when I was still in Thailand.  It really felt like the right thing and I’d love to do it again and for a longer period.

For me the fast was just great, and I loved the place and you two as my ‘caretakers’ and the heavenly juices. I think it was really lovely and inspiring.

I hope to meet you and An again next year for a ten day detox with you two!!!

Lotte, Holland

Thanks a lot for a wonderful stay a really great experience. I feel that I have got more energy and I’ve been working out a lot the last week. Which feels good! The only thing I would have liked would be a group session with yoga/meditation every day. But I was really happy with everything, and you provided us with so much great information so I feel that I learned a lot!

Thank you!

Erika Sophie, Denmark

Thank you for the great experience I had last month at Shangrila, I really enjoyed it!

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Daniel, Netherlands