When people complete a thorough and effective herbal cleansing, they invariably feel much healthier, clearer, stronger and more energetic than they have for many years. However, if the focus is only on ridding the body of physical toxins, they will most likely return to their previous state, feeling the same lack of energy and the same sense of unease and unwellness within a month.

For a detoxification to be truly effective, both in the short term and the long term, one must go deeper.  This is where meditation comes in. Meditation is a wonderful method for healing and insight and for removing energetic, emotional and physical knots and blockages.

One also learns to become more aware of ways of being that are no longer helpful – especially patterns of emotional reactivity. By meditating one learns ways to free oneself from seeing the world in these no-longer-helpful ways and discover a new freedom into how one chooses to act in areas of your life that are challenging.


As the mind clarifies and awareness includes the body, many things change in beautiful ways. One begins to know and understand oneself, thus gaining energy, confidence and joy and greatly reducing, even eliminating, fear and anxiety. One sees it is possible to live with far less tension, stress and pain, physically, emotionally and mentally. One begins to clearly see self-destructive thoughts, thought patterns and actions, and with an increase in self-love, self-knowledge and confidence one can learn to reduce those self-hurtful tendencies, and in time perhaps even eliminate them. Many people also come to deeper spiritual realizations and a real increase in mental clarity, functional intelligence, wisdom and intuition.

When a professionally monitored, healthy and natural herbal purification is coupled with truly effective meditation in a beautiful, relaxed and loving environment, a person can realize a state of increasing health, joy and functionality and will be much more inclined to continue meditating, eating healthily, exercising and engaging in positive and functional thoughts and habits. To be confident, energetic, healthy and clear, to live in increasing self-love and self-understanding, and to meet our challenges with clarity, our innate intelligence and well-being is an open pathway for all of us. We hope and believe that anybody who completes our detox program will understand this at a deep level and be free to enjoy a much healthier and happier life.

Individual guided meditation sessions with an experienced teacher are available upon request at our Detox Pai center. Please see our Detox Program & Schedule or contact us for further details.